About us

The enterprise was founded in 1953 as a part of trust “Gidroelectromontazh” to provide power facilities that was under construction with electrical products. Developing together with electrical systems of the country, the plant became one of the industry-leading multisectoral enterprises of Department of Energy by 1970. It was executing orders for producing electrical pathways for hydroelectric developments, Thermal Power Plants and Nuclear Power Plants under construction.
Well-known names of power plants, such as Sayano-Shushenskaya HPP, Ivanovskaya GRES, Solikamskaya TPP, Permskaya GRES, Votkinskaya HPP, Krasnoyarskaya HPP, Kaliningradskaya TPP, Khabarovskaya TPP, Bureyskaya HPP, Kurskaya NPP, Sochinskaya TPP, Novovoronezhskaya NPP, Novosibirskaya TPP, Kalininskaya NPP, Tolyattinskaya TPP, Pamirskaya HPP, Nizhnevartovskaya GRES, Saratovskaya HPP and others confirm contribution into power industry of the country.
New stage of the development of JSC “Nevsky zavod “Electroshield” has begun in 2003, it happened due to modernization and diversification of production.

Significant financial investments, technical re-equipment, scientific research of leading experts allowed to put new types of equipment on the market: indoor packaged transformer substations 6 (10)/0,4 kV, rated power 250-2500 kVA based on domestic or foreign manufacture package, complete transformer substations in modular buildings, distribution substation such as single-end service assembled chambers and switchgears and control gears 6 (10) kV. Production of electrical pathways and busbars with copper bus and its current rated up to 7500 A.

Nowadays JSC “Nevsky zavod “Electroshield” supplies main power facilities of Russian Federation with electrical pathways and busbars. The plant supplies a lot of goods to India, Iran, Iraq, Vietnam, Angola, the Argentine, Ukraine, Byelorussia, Serbia, Estonia, Kazakhstan and China.
Large variety of equipment, complete transformer substations in particular, was designed for certain customer groups such as construction and quarry works and for gas-and-oil producing industry.
Custom-tailored approach is a keystone of our enterprise. We take into account specific requirements for primary and auxiliary equipment, its package, and we provide ease maintenance as well.

Our production line:
• electrical pathways and busbars 0.4-35 kV, rated current up to 33000 A.
• packaged transformer substations 6 (10)/0,4 kV, rated power 25-2500 kVA
• switchgears and control gears 6 (10) kV
• complete transformer substations in modular buildings
• low-voltage switchgears and wiring accessories

JSC “Nevsky zavod “Electroshield” has been the manufacturer of high-, medium and low-voltage equipment for more than 50 years.
Production of our plant have been supplying to thermal, hydro and nuclear power plants in Russia and for export. A number of different types of equipment were designed specially for construction and quarry works and for gas-and-oil producing industry.
Due to knowledgeable engineering group and strong production and technical facilities it’s been able to perform the full range of works: from design stage to guarantee maintenance of supplied equipment.