Complete switchgears

KSO, KRU “Rial” 6(10) kV

ТU 3414-009-00109458-2006, ТU 3414-008-00109458-2005

Certificate of conformity № РОСС.RU.АИ18.В08563,

№ РОСС.RU.АЮ 18.В12071

“Rial” chambers belong to the line of modular chambers with metal body, aerial insulation of cable and busbar cells, with vacuum circuit breaker and gas-insulated disconnector.

The chambers are equipped with stationary three-position disconnectors and load-break switches, stationary or draw-out circuit breakers, measuring voltage and current transformers.

The chambers are designed for complete switchgears at the rated voltage 6 or 10 kV of the three-phase alternating current with the frequency of 50 Hz of systems with the insulated or grounded neutral. They can be used as bushing devices in complete transformer substations 6(10)/0.4 kV. Modular design is the ideal solution for updating and extension of the existent substations.

Sectioned construction is the main feature of the chamber in comparison with similar models. Switch device in metal body, filled with sulfur hexafluoride, separate busbar cell from cable bay. It reduces overall dimensions essentially, makes the construction easy, reliable and safe to operate. Home-made and imported circuit breakers are used as the main switching devices.

The main technical features

Rated voltage – 6 (10) kV.

Busbars’ rated current – 630-1250 A.

The chambers are to be used indoors.

Ambient air temperature from -25 0C till +40 0C.