Reactive power compensator KRM – 0.4 kV



Reactive power compensators KRM-0.4 are intended for power factor increase in industrial electrical installations and distribution systems. Operating voltage of apparatus is 0.4 kV.

The installations are rated at the indoor maintenance in the normal conditions in regions with temperate or frigid climate. They also can be used as a part of complete transformer substations of PKTPVR type (outdoor).

Parameter designation


Rated voltage, kV


Rated capacity, kVA

160, 200

Control step, kVA


Number of steps



Operative ambient air temperature: -40;+450 C.

Insulation resistance between the circuits without electric couple, as well as between these circuits and body is not less, than 10 mega ohm.

Electric strength of insulation makes possible to avoid disruption normally and flashover during 1-minute high-voltage (1500V, 50 Hz) test.

The installation consists of: capacitor batteries, switching equipment – contactors and power factor regulator. The power factor regulator controls switchgears that connect the required quantity of capacitors to the network. The capacitors are equipped with external discharge resistors. The power factor regulator provides reactive power compensation in manual and automatic mode.