Block-module is a special construction that contains different electrotechnical equipment. High and medium-voltage switchgears, complete step-up and step-down substations, diesel-generator stations may be designed on the basis of the block-module.

Block-module width 3000 mm.

Length 7000 mm, 9000 mm, 12000 mm.

Unconventional design is possible.

Climatic execution according to GOST 15150-69: UHL1.

Ambient air temperature operation range: from -60 0C till +40 0C.

Design features

Block-module metalware is a frame of welded angle bars, trimmed with profiled plates C-44. Rigid and fixed units are designed with the help of welding. Walls, floor, roof and door are equipped with heat insulation material that meets all fire safety requirements. All elements have anticorrosive coating, worked out by Ameron In ternational.

On the customers request block-module is supplied with: switchboards of own needs; lighting, heating and ventilation systems; system of protection and fire control; facility for power transformers demounting.

Block-module is installed on the prepared ground. Foundation is designed according to separate project.

Advantages of block-module

1. Its construction and durability enables to ship it by trucks, by sea or by railway. Any damage of equipment, fixed inside of the module, is excepted during transportation or loading.

2. Factory-built block-module is all set. Design features enable to put the equipment into operation with minimum labour and time costs.

3. Construction provides moisture resistance and heat insulation.

4. Anticorrosive coatings, worked out by Ameron In ternational ensure block-module service life period of 20 years.

5. Overall dimensions of block-module provide the corridor service size according to present legal requirements.

Block-module installation

Block-modular complete device must be installed on the prepared based ground, that is designed according to specific project. Basically two types of foundation are applied: concrete-piled and concrete-blocked. Foundations of another construction may be applied under the project.

Complete transformer substations 2 KTP Rial in block-module

If outdoor installation is necessary double-transformer complete substation 2KTP Rial is supplied in block-module, equipped with heating, lighting, ventilation and other systems. The block-module body is separated in several chambers, that contain high-voltage, low-voltage equipment and power transformers. The block-module of double-transformer substation consists of three chambers: two side chambers and one central. The power transformers are placed in the side chambers, the lead-in and switchgears equipment in the central one. The central chamber is winterized.

On the customers request block-module may be equipped with facility for power transformers demounting.